Emka – Comprehensive Warehouse Management


Emka is a company offering comprehensive solutions in warehouse management, covering all operational aspects related to storage, transportation, and goods management.


Optimized Parcel Reader


In collaboration with our client, we have developed a dedicated parcel reader that significantly streamlines and optimizes the processes of receiving, preparing, and packing parcels. Our solution is universal and tailored to work with various operating systems used by the client. This module integrates with the following systems:


  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Subiekt Nexo
  • Subiekt GT
  • Baselinker

Order information is automatically transmitted to courier companies such as FedEx, InPost, and DPD. The high level of automation allows the client to independently adjust numerous parameters, enabling real-time process optimization according to current needs.


Advanced Store Functionalities


For our client, we have also developed advanced online store functionalities, which include:


  • Downloading and sending orders to each customer
  • Synchronizing product inventory with the client’s systems
  • Sending and receiving information about order status changes
  • Automatically replenishing out-of-stock products based on current warehouse levels
  • Generating, downloading, and sending shipping labels to courier companies
  • Downloading order labels on demand and automatically during order fulfillment (e.g., for InPost)

Thanks to our solutions, the client gains full control over warehouse processes, which translates into increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Laravel, PHP, Vue
Project date:  June, 2024
Cooperation date:  June, 2017