The website has been updated and optimized for performance and improved shopping experience. To achieve this, the homepage has been redesigned, and solutions enhancing user comfort have been added, including a popup allowing the addition of a product to the cart with one click. The shopping cart has also been improved and redesigned so that all shopping steps are visible on one screen, without the need to scroll or switch between pages.

Additionally, we perform regular scans and maintenance work to ensure the website’s security.


Changes and Improvements on the Website:

  1. Homepage Redesign:
    • The homepage has been completely redesigned to provide better user experience.
    • The new layout is more intuitive and easier to navigate.
  2. User Comfort:
    • A popup allowing users to add a product to the cart with one click has been added, significantly speeding up the shopping process.
  3. Shopping Cart Enhancement:
    • The cart has been redesigned so that all shopping steps are visible on one screen (one-page checkout).
    • Users do not need to scroll or switch between pages, making the checkout process much easier and faster.

Maintenance and Security:

  1. Regular Website Scans:
    • We perform regular scans to ensure the website is free from any threats and operates according to the highest security standards.
  2. Maintenance Work:
    • Regular maintenance work ensures the website operates smoothly and without interruptions.
    • Software updates and removal of potential security vulnerabilities are carried out continuously to protect user data and ensure website reliability.

Thanks to these changes and regular maintenance, the website not only operates faster and more efficiently but also provides users with a safe and convenient shopping experience.

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CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress
Project date:  March, 2024
Cooperation date:  October, 2023