passTrack is a dedicated system for managing the recruitment process at airports and train stations in Great Britain.
The application supports the complex verification process including analysis of the last 5 years of the candidate’s career. Recruitment announcements are added by employers on various portals. The system, based on the amount of applications for these ads, creates each candidate’s profile and also updates it when several applications have been sent to various ads. A individual guardian is assigned to each candidate who leads the candidate through the recruitment process. As part of cooperation, in addition to designing and implementing the system, our task included server support.
passTrack is a scalable solution that is easy to implement in any company with a similar recruitment process scheme. The tool originally appeared on the market under the name Avitracker.. The product was implemented in cooperation with MBT MEDIA.

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Apache 2/HTTPD, Bash, Debian, FuelPHP, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
Project date:  March, 2016